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Learn to play bubynu!


Project "Discover and learn to play bubyns!"

The aim of the project „Iepazīsti un mācies spēlēt bubynu!!!” (Discover and learn to play bubyns!) is to actualise the use of traditional folk music instruments in the culture environment of the 21st century. One of the results of the Project is the website, that will facilitate more active circulation of information on folk music and musicians, provision of opportunities for learning the playing techniques of bubyns in the virtual environment, thus furthering the use of the instrument in different genres of music.

About the project

Project  "Discover and learn to play bubyns!" The aim is to update the applicability of traditional folk music instruments in the cultural environment of the 21st century


In this section you will learn about the bubyns history, production, masters and musicians of bubyns.

Learn to play

In this section you will learn how to properly hold a bubyns stick, what are the rhythm notations and video lessons for playing polkas and waltz.


The main goals and tasks of the society are to ensure the process of preservation and inheritance of traditional culture, research, preservation and promotion of cultural and intangible cultural heritage, as well as lifelong learning events for people of different ages by organizing trainings, camps, expeditions, seminars, conferences, workshops, campaigns, cultural and educational activities.

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